This is not a strike, but at the same time, it is.

This blog is for a strike against the Adventure Time wiki. The wiki has fallen into times of darkness and not very good seeing and, impaired vision. I am running this strike, because I feel that I, am able to run a strike on a scale of one, to five.

The wiki has come across multiple problems as of today's now. Problems so serious,

that it has to be addressed.

Below, are the list of,


that we want fixed now. And when I list these problems, the moderation team-force of this wiki about adventure time, must respond. Or the strike will go on for even longer hours of time.

These are the problems of the wiki of now.

  1. We do not have enough blogs of FanFiction supporting the ever-growing popular shipping pair, Finn and Naruto. We demand more fictional blogs, supporting this ship. Else we ship you away.
  2. There is too much white on this blog post creator slash editor. We request we change this immediately. I for one recommend  black. Because that makes thing easier to be annoying to other person's minds. Recommendations on another color are welcomed into the recommend box.
  3. The user Tavisource has not explained in great and cunning detail what his avatar is. And that is a bad thing.
  4. There is not a chat room based on DOSBox coding. It is required by internet laws that every website hosted in the state of California must always have a chat room running on DOSBox so that we can send messages consisting of 75 characters or less.
  5. No one has shopped for Christmas early.
  6. COPPA request that I stop using their name in my idiotic blogs, so we must not use this name on out character categorize anymore or face lawsuits by Dan Green
  7. The wiki url is boring and un-appealing to the chicken demographic. We must change it to adventurechickens at once.
  8. We must ban list that consist of 8 or more sentences at once because they get long and boring and after 8 they start to reuse stuff they already listed.
  9. The user Tavisource has not explained in great and cunning detail what his avatar is. And that is a bad thing.
  10. The wiki chat.js code does not contain any links to a video containing the US current's president's I request that this be changed in an hour ago now for tomorrow's day.
  11. GTG is boring. Change it to new word at now's time.

If these demands are not meet each other in an hour ago,

the strike will go on till next Monday.

That is all,

and remember,

BTW this is a joke. Laugh now.