My Predictions

Ok i post this since nobody else did it

Five More Short Graybles: Another Set of Short Moments following a certain theme.

Up a Tree: I think it involves The Treehouse

All The Little People: I have two, It involves little creatures or someone becomes famous

Bad Little Boy: Marshall Lee is being a Bad Little Boy

Jake The Dad: Jake and Lady's Pups are born

Davey: I have no idea on this one

Mystery Dungeon: Another Dungeon Episode

Little Dude: It could involve on of Jake's sons

All Your Fault: Possibly Finn and Jake fight again

Vault of Bones: Some how involving Skeletons

The Great Bird Man: Somebody wants to fly maybe Finn

Simon and Marcey: Another IK and Marcey Flashback or Sequel to I Remember You

Puhoy:No idea

A Glitch is a Glitch: BMO or NEPTR gets a glitch

One Last Job: I'm Thinking Somebody dies

Princess Potluck: A meat princess

BMO Lost: BMO gets lost some where

James Baxter the Horse: The Return of the Poo Brain Horse

Shhhh: F&J have to be quite for a reason

The Suitor: Flame King wants FP to marry a Flame Dude but FP wants to stay with Finn.

The Party's Over, Isla de Senora: An Awesome Party leaves The guys minds a blank

Another Five Short Graybles: Another Set of Short Moments following a certain theme.

LSP Gets Robbed: Someone steals LSP's stuff

Only Wizards Allowed: An epic Wizard Battle

Leave your Predicitions down in the comments and i will post them here :D

BNSF Points

  • The Suitor: A male elephant comes asking for TT's hand in marriage. But Mr. Pig won't allow it and they compete for Tree Trunk...IN A SERIES OF MEDEVAL GAMES!
  • Jake the Dad: The Rainbow Pupsters are born, and Jake becomes so exhausted, he can't go adventuring with Finn. So Finn has to find someone else to adventure with.
  • Princess Potluck: All of the princesses in Ooo have a potluck party, and Finn and Jake have been hired as the security team, since the party will provide too much of a temptation for the Ice King to kidnap everyone. Unsurprisingly, Ice King tries to kidnap them all, but Finn and Jake have everything covered. And with Flame Princess' help, the battle could get slushy.
  • Only Wizards Allowed: Elaborates on that secret wizard club from "Reign of Gunthers".
  • All Your Fault: Either involves an earthquake (pun intended), Flame Princess gets angry at Finn for something he didn't do (but everything is alright by the end), or Finn and Jake get into another fight.
  • Bad Little Boy: Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee try to sabotage Fionna and Flame Prince's date, all while Cake and Lord Monochromicorn try to stop them, and Ice Queen keeps hounding PG.
  • James Baxter The Horse: Finn and Jake help a horse named James Baxter (a parody of Mr. Ed) with his stand-up comedy career.
  • Mystery Dungeon: A Pokemon crossover?
  • Up A Tree: Finn teaches a flying squirrel how to fly.
  • Simon and Marcy: Restoration of Simon Petrikov and revenge of Ash.
  • Davey: Finn and Jake square off against the legendary Davey Jones, who kidnaps Flame Princess to use as a navigation device to find the edge of the world.
  • LSP Gets Robbed: Penny returns and steals LSP's stuff.
  • The Party's Over, Isla De Senora: Another muder mystery episode.
  • The Great Birdman: Harvey Birdman appears in Ooo?