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bravest warrior pledge

for bravest warriors a solom peldge DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

I, (your name here), do solemnly pledge my life to the bodacious and HEROIC protection of the innocent, the defenseless, the adorable, and the pathetic, all across the Universe.

I shall refuse NO cry for help. I shall accept NO monetary reward for my HEROING. And NO force shall slow my emergency response times (except for possible untimely meteorites, sub-space anomalies or time loops).

I am a HERO, noble and righteous. Every breath is a promise for justice, every step a tiny dance for freedom, every word a melodic pop song about the glory of love.

When evil gets all fancy, we break that biz down… for HOPE.


(Now yell) POWER RESPECT! (and high-five somebody at earliest convenience.)

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