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    Okay so, some of you voted in my last blog. We had some pretty great ideas. But sadly we didn't get enough comments to make an OFFICIAL Adventure Time Fandom Name. So I guess the only power I have is to make an Unofficial Adventure Time Fandom Name. Thank you for all your ideas. If you want to add another option you can leave them in the comments and I'll add them in.


    Thank you to Odaceus for Guntzors and Guntinians Thank you to Wildberry Princess for Ooovians,Gunters,Ooosers,Ooozers and Waving Snails Thanks you to 27finnsprincess for Finnians,Bubbblegumsters,Algebraicans and Adventureheads Thank you to Crazykittystar for Rhombusinians,Princess Possy and Awesome Adventurers,flamefollowers and Finnigans. Thank you to Starchy for Hyoo…

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    Whovians,Bronies,Pegasisters,Tributes and Potterheads.

    The one thing The Adventure Time fandom hasn't got, is an official fandom name.

    Sure, in some circles we're called "The Adventurers". In My Opinion (just in my opinion), that's a little boring and not very original. I'm not saying that it's terrible, just needs some more spark.

    So, what we're going to do is post what you think would be an acceptable name for this fandom and in about a week or so I will gather up all the ideas and put them in another blog post. Then we will have a vote :)

    So if we're the Adventurers,Adventure Timers or whatever, Make sure to comment what you think our fandom should be called! I thought of Ooovians but that might be copying Doctor Who xD

    I'll make sure to giv…

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