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  • I live in Lynphea
  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is Princess of Lynphea,cat translator,psycho doctor,your everyday evil overlord,and expert GIF and emocticon creator.
  • I am Derpilicious. LOL
  • WinxFlora21

    Advice Time

    January 23, 2013 by WinxFlora21

    Hi, this is WF21! Ok,so,do you have a problem like.....

    • Your GF or BF dumped you and you are still in love with him/her?
    • Your best friend got a new best friend and you are neglected?
    • Your parents treat you like a toddler?
    • A bully bullies you?
    • Your nosy GF or BF keeps texting you 24/7 ?
    • Your parents divorced?
    • Your best friend got a boyfriend/girlfriend,and keeps talking or texting about him/her?
    • Your arch enemy whose popularity ranking is so high,tried to...WIN THE HEART OF YOUR GF/BF?
    • it's exam week,and you forgot to study?

    Or any problem that you have,just ask advice here @ my blog. Don't worry, I won't be rude. ( I'm rude because of the.......PRESSURE) well don't discuss about the pressure,ask me anything!!! ;)

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  • WinxFlora21

    Merry Christmas! Well,not really but,it's just 17 more days,Right? Anyways,let's go back to the topic. Well,you see,some people forgot to add Xmas greetings to other wiki users,but it's OK. Although I seen some people arguing on blog posts. Please stop it. I'm not forcing you to stop it but,it makes the Christmas environment more worse.Haven't you seen all cartoons with Christmas in it? All of them are in peace with each other. So,be in peace with each other too. (But not until you turn like an 1960 dude/hippy.) Merry Peaceful Christmas!

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  • WinxFlora21

    I really do not like to see Gumgrab posts or Bubbline posts.seriously.they creep me out off my dead corpse(since I live in the Underworld) So please accept the fact that those posts are not good for this wikia,since this wikia does not accept those kind of behaviour.

    If you vote for non-gay or non-lesbian shippings,please comment.

    All of the above are my opinions.

    Also bad words. I HATE those violent language.

    P.S: This is not Winxflora21. This is DragonFlamePrincess who is writing the blog post.WinxFlora21 is not me,I repeat,WinxFlora21is not me! Read more >
  • WinxFlora21

    One day,Finn and Jake were getting home from a fight against the Ice King until..."hehehehe...." "What the hay-hay?!" Said Jake, using his stretchy powers,lifting Finn. "Oh my glob!!!" said Finn. It was a dark black hole in the middle of a junk yard. The two went in the hole. They both relized the were not in ooo. They were in Elmore Junior High(Rocky's utility closet. They were in "The amazing world of Gumball.")Finn saw a blue bird and a raccoon."Who the heck are you people?" asked Finn,seeing at Mordecai and Rigby.(Regular Show)"I'm Mordecai." said himself. Before Rigby said his name, the closet door opened. "Oh My Gosh!" said Darwin. "Poop! Blue,brown and yellow poop! They are alive!" Darwin fainted. "Watch your manners,kiddo!" Said Ri…

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  • WinxFlora21

    I've been seeing a lot of blogs, and mostly, people hate Flame Princess. I don't know why but,yeah,they hate her.

    It's really been horrible,since some people like FP and some hate her,people are competitive about the like-hate stuff.

    So if you are a Flinn voter just go to that side. If you are a Fubblegummer,go on that side. Or if you are a Marcefinn( Marceline x Finn)go on that side. Whatever! I don't care! ( But if you vote slime princess x Finn or clown nurse x Finn, you are loco.)

    You can comment about anything. We just want Finn to be happy.

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