Hi, this is WF21! Ok,so,do you have a problem like.....

  • Your GF or BF dumped you and you are still in love with him/her?
  • Your best friend got a new best friend and you are neglected?
  • Your parents treat you like a toddler?
  • A bully bullies you?
  • Your nosy GF or BF keeps texting you 24/7 ?
  • Your parents divorced?
  • Your best friend got a boyfriend/girlfriend,and keeps talking or texting about him/her?
  • Your arch enemy whose popularity ranking is so high,tried to...WIN THE HEART OF YOUR GF/BF?
  • it's exam week,and you forgot to study?

Or any problem that you have,just ask advice here @ my blog. Don't worry, I won't be rude. ( I'm rude because of the.......PRESSURE) well don't discuss about the pressure,ask me anything!!! ;)