One day,Finn and Jake were getting home from a fight against the Ice King until..."hehehehe...." "What the hay-hay?!" Said Jake, using his stretchy powers,lifting Finn. "Oh my glob!!!" said Finn. It was a dark black hole in the middle of a junk yard. The two went in the hole. They both relized the were not in ooo. They were in Elmore Junior High(Rocky's utility closet. They were in "The amazing world of Gumball.")Finn saw a blue bird and a raccoon."Who the heck are you people?" asked Finn,seeing at Mordecai and Rigby.(Regular Show)"I'm Mordecai." said himself. Before Rigby said his name, the closet door opened. "Oh My Gosh!" said Darwin. "Poop! Blue,brown and yellow poop! They are alive!" Darwin fainted. "Watch your manners,kiddo!" Said Rigby,disgracefully."Nah,Darwin is just hyper paranoid." said Gumball. "By the way,my name's Gumball." Soon they know all about Elmore(except Gumball & Darwin) Finn,Jake,Mordecai,Rigby,Gumball,and Darwin are buddies. Until at night,Finn,Gumball,and Mordecai had a secret meeting. Secretly,Darwin,Jake and Rigby were spying on them. When the secret meeting is over,Jake and Darwin screamed:"OH MY GOSH/GLOB! Finn/Gumball is changing his BFF!!!" "Chill,dude they are just a bunch of guys who are just friends,not brothers." Rigby replied. "You don't know that Finn/Gumball is my brother?!" screamed Darwin and Jake. The next day, Darwin,Jake and Rigby watched sorrowly at Finn,Gumball,and Mordecai,who were about to lick their saliva( Gumball licks Mordecai's spit,Finn licks Gumball's saliva,and Mordecai licks Finn's saliva.) The three newly- Bros screamed:" AW SICK!!!" then laughed. While the bros are hanging out,the rejected bros seem to be mad of their former best friends."I wish I hadn't met you"! Screaming to their former best friend's photos. Then,Darwin had an evil idea, he said he would bring Finn,Jake,Mordecai,and Rigby to the utilities closet again. Next night,Rigby,Jake,and Darwin slipped a goodbye card to Finn and Mordecai. In the morning,Finn woke up in shock. He asked to Jake,"Was I dreaming?" Jake said. "Yeah,Man."

         -"Return to Elmore" is coming soon.
            The end.