Wookie Worrior

aka The princess and worrior of Cartoon W.

  • I live in Cartoon World
  • I was born on May 1
  • My occupation is Being a worrior, a princess, and a wizard.
  • I am funnies
  • Wookie Worrior

    Ok. I can use a special technique to analyze what kind of person you are.

    These following categories are what I can guess you as:





    Candy People


    Other:(Ask me in the Comments)

    All I need to do is ask you some questions.

    1. What is your favorite food?

    2. Do you care about peoples feelings?

    3. Are you easily angered.

    4. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like animals. 

    5. Do you like sweets?

    6. Do you feel blue mist of the time.

    7. What is your favorite color?

    8. What is your lucky number.

    9. How silly do you act on a daily basis.

    10. Do have lot's of friends?

    11. You crave...pick 2: Money, Power, Intelligence, Fun, romance, or beauty.

    12. What would your name be: Dr.Fun Times, Mr. or Mrs.Serious, The intergalactic…

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  • Wookie Worrior

    Who's ready to get there game on? It is time for truth or dare.


    1. Since we can't see the dares you have to draw or take a picture of yourself doing it, or, if possible, do it on the wiki.

    2. Do not use chicken(foul) language.

    3. Try to dare different people. The dares can't be just on one person. They can only answer 2 times in a row then you must move on.

    4. You will play this or I will call upon the evil. JK Jk Just kidding...or am I?

    3. Enjoy yourself and have fun.

    Who's ready to play?

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  • Wookie Worrior

    Nobody can find the page I made that says family activities so I'm copy and pasting it here on this blog so you people can find it. I just want to do fun things here. *Throws poisonous pies at Jake* So who wants to sign up? No rush people. Family game night or morning is every 3 weeks or a month or something. I'm gonna extend the time to tell me because I planned this weeks ago and nobody really noticed. Soooooooooooooo, let's see who's comin'.

    This is for my wiki family. I just wanted activities for all of us. Y`know. Like family game night. Remember not everyone has to play along. Lets get started. The battle death areana is in the talk of this page.

    • July 20, 2012 starting at 8:00 pm or am: Wiki Hide n` Seek= A user/leader has to pick a pa…

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  • Wookie Worrior

    Hi hi. Thank you for excepting my weirdness. I'm clearly psyco crazy. Shove pie into your mouth and then put cake in your eyes because it's party time. Like my status, follow me, and friend me. Woo!

    Now, join me to help Gunter take over the world! Mwahahahahahahahah! We can work together to make him the Ultimate ruler of the universe.

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  • Wookie Worrior

    My Family Tree

    June 16, 2012 by Wookie Worrior

    I was on this blog that got me thinking. I don't have a wiki family like everyone else so why not make a family tree. I'm hoping this will get someones attention so I could start adding people.

    The Family Pets: Nyan Cats= Wikiboy -Sweet Princess Random Kittens= RandomKitten KeyBoard Cat= Happy Smoothie (Marshall Lee the Vampire King's pet)






    Father:Austin Belt

    Sister(s):WaterPrincess123 - Webberlover - FionnaFan - TRIF0RCE1995

    Brother(s):PitsBrother - JalapeñoKing - Adventure Time Noob - The Auditor

    Brother(s) in Law:Fameho6 - TomSkaDude

    Uncle: Shadow Demon X (everybdody hates) - Brozoco (crazy)

    Aunt:RosePrincessLey - Pinkamena DianePie (crazy) …

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