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FLUFF YEAH! Glob finally have a reason not to be on chat @.@ Well I am so random XD I guess it was because they couldn't handle my sexy lumps <3 :P Hmm so 3 days no chat? *Makes this blog* :P And the best part is that no one will read this cause I am so incognito! BUAHAHAHHA! ****... eh... still not bad... no one is here :3

So back to the topic, PARTY! So bring some chips and dip yall!! WOOO-HOOO!!!

And besides I don't hold grudges... although I should probably do something? Nah that is how cool I am :3

Well although if I get banned once more ima probably leave this wiki :3

Nothing bad, not like THAT many people care :3 *sigh* I knida have nothing to do now, I usually always had a life and went on chat... now I only have a life :/

XD I am so derpy and random :P

And also Dayum isnt bad.. Damn is... sure it is just changing the words but "Dayum" is a compliment... "Damn" is a cuss... I don't care what yall say but I am always right :P

Well that is this derpalicious blog... Tell me what you think in the comments...

Well then... *sigh* Wotter...

What do you think about Wotter?"

The poll was created at 23:50 on July 30, 2012, and so far 4 people voted.

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