Hey guys, Wotter Power here with a brand new exciting blog!

So guys I was thinking, I noticed that people are getting mixed thoughts about this wiki, especially since now there are more new users, but yeah, what is the deal with the My Little Pony fans and the Adventure Time fans? We are all just having fun! I also want to state out the obvious, we are all on the same wiki, so we either get along now or thiings are gonna get CRAAAZYYY!

So the original reson I made this blog was, as the name obviously states, what is wrong with you, but not litterally XD, I mean dont mean "Ugh, what is wrong with that person?" I mean "Why are you doing this", but if that was the name of this blog it wouldn't make sence, even though you are still confused now, XD. But yeah, My Little Pony, I know I am not a bronie but I don't hate it! And I still love Adventure Time :3

And besides if we are going to make something in profile pics all the rage should be we all change to our favorite anime. Well that is all for this blog, leave comments in the crotch, and tell me what YOU think should be all the rage? And if you want the wiki to be only Adventure Time put that in the comments too.

What do you think should be the new "awesome" in this wiki?

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