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Gremlins' Back!!!

Gremlins in Cartoon Network

I had an idea a long time ago for an animated Gremlins TV series. I thought once I got into the industry I'd see if I could pitch it. But not only did the industry prove to be a bit of a bear when it comes to original ideas. but Cartoon Network went ahead and ripped off the Gremlins original storyline.

Adventure Time with Gremlins

A GREMLINS cartoon would have been cool, but likely light and goofy like the second film, and not dark and entertaining like the first.

I saw somewhere not too long ago that a GREMLINS 3 script is still in early drafts, and apparently Joe Dante has said in interviews its still a possibility, but it's just a matter of time until things work out. I'd like to see it go back to being dark and creepy like the first movie.


Peter Jones BT Business Gremlins ad01:31

Peter Jones BT Business Gremlins ad

Gremlins Back!!!!

Gremlins 2 The new batch (1990 TV commercial)00:30

Gremlins 2 The new batch (1990 TV commercial)

Brain Gremlin

1990s Gremlins 2 Clarion Hotel Commercial00:31

1990s Gremlins 2 Clarion Hotel Commercial

Brain Gremlin

Gremlins Tribute03:36

Gremlins Tribute

Gremlins - Music Video

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