If you're at school, and your classmate talks about a hot vampire king called "Marshall Lee" you should JOIN IN. Once you know more about him, you'll get interested.

Now to detect if a person is a Marshall Lee fan, check the following:

Is sometimes very curious to see if the boy wearing a red plaid sleeves is cute so that it would look more like Marshall Lee and then take stolen pictures of them - That's what I have noticed in a few of my classmates. While at the church praying, a tall boy suddenly walked in and sat behind us in the pews. He was wearing red plaid sleeves and blue jeans with red Converse. My friend carefully glanced at him while he was not looking, and then she poked me. "Marshall Lee at Five o' Clock" she whispered.

Memorized the lyrics of all his song and kept on singing it every second - Yep, this is perfectly obvious. 8 out of 10 Marshall fans know all his songs' lyrics.

Describes herself as a Vampire Queen - because that's what Marshall Lee just needed

Profile picture, avatar, cover, whatever - is all about Marshall Lee

Relationship Stauts - in a relationship with Marshall Lee Abadeer, mostly seen on Facebook

Likes lots of Marshall Lee pages, and is a friend on Facebook - I would be describing lots of people here.

Argues about who Marshall Lee belongs to - Imma join in this fight, too!

Loves Marshall Lee - duh.. 

Ships Marshall Lee with lots of Adventure Time characters- e.g, Fionna, Marceline, Bubblegum, Gumball.

In love with Marshall Lee - duh again..

Thinks that Marshall Lee is better than Edward Cullen - This is what I am not sure of, but they say that all the time so I included it.

and many more...

Please comment any more reasons