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  • XxSteerAnimeLoverxX

    Hey, this is Steer here. Today, I will review over the top 5 best episodes of Adventure Time.

    1. 5. Season 5 Episode 10a: James Baxter. This episode is hilarious, it is very funny, has many good gags, And humor is sprinkled all over it. It's also original.
    1. 4. Season 3 Episode 8b: Jake V.S. Memow. Oh my god, I just love this one! It is HILARIOUS! This episode is SOOOO funny. I mean, this episode is pretty good. And yet again, it's original. Let's move on to #3 now.
    1. 3. Season 1 Episode 4a: Ricardio The Heart Guy. This episode is just great. The highlight is when Ricardio steps on Ice King, that was so funny! Even though I do not love Season 1 like Season 2 or Season 5, I did love this episode like Seasons 2 and 5! It has a pretty good climax too.
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  • XxSteerAnimeLoverxX

    Some of you may be angry about this but I am making a blog about the top 10 worst episodes of adventure time. Let's begin shall me?

    1. 10: 4x10a (49a): You Made Me: This episode was bad, and for those of you who didn't see this one yet, you would be very dissapointed if you see this one.
    1. 9: 4x03 (42): The Return Of The Nightosphere: Yes, this episode is on here too. Many people adored this episode, and I have no idea why.
    1. 8: 3x10 (36): Holly Jolly Secrets: I don't know why I didn't realize I hated this episode earlier. Do not watch it, you will be let down.
    1. 7: 1x08a (8a): Ocean Of Fear: After many good Season 1 episodes, this was one of the very first bad episodes.
    1. 6: 1x10a (10a): Donny: I hated this one too. Dump plot, no laughs, bad comedy.
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