Hey, this is Steer here. Today, I will review over the top 5 best episodes of Adventure Time.

  1. 5. Season 5 Episode 10a: James Baxter. This episode is hilarious, it is very funny, has many good gags, And humor is sprinkled all over it. It's also original.
  1. 4. Season 3 Episode 8b: Jake V.S. Memow. Oh my god, I just love this one! It is HILARIOUS! This episode is SOOOO funny. I mean, this episode is pretty good. And yet again, it's original. Let's move on to #3 now.
  1. 3. Season 1 Episode 4a: Ricardio The Heart Guy. This episode is just great. The highlight is when Ricardio steps on Ice King, that was so funny! Even though I do not love Season 1 like Season 2 or Season 5, I did love this episode like Seasons 2 and 5! It has a pretty good climax too.
  1. 2. Season 1 Episode 1b: Trouble In Lumpy Space. This episode is amazing! Even if it still was an episode in Season 1, I just can't desribe how amazing this episode is! This episode was amazing. And the climax was amazing too.
  1. 1.Season 5 Episode 10b: Shhh! This, this is the best episode. Hands down, enough said. This episode was HILARIOUS! The highlight is probably the end with the The Party Pete Spoof. So yep, these are the top 5 best episodes of AT. It's also original and has a great climax like the others. See you all later!