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    Buro's, we need you now.

    February 15, 2014 by XxXBK27XxX

    This is a message to alll buro's of the Adventure Time wiki.

    As of today, we have NOT A SINGLE admin on the site.

    Some may think its not all bad, but it is. With semi-active Buro's, the wiki is now very prone to vandals. With no one to reverse severe edits, the wiki is now on its last rope.

    This is not the proper way to run a community. If nothing gets done soon, the wiki could very well end itself from our actions.

    To ANYONE reading this, tell all the buro's however you can that they need to step in NOW. If nothing gets done soon, the wiki may very well be put to rest and we have done so much. Even though I don't watch the show as much as I used to, I still love this wiki very much and can't stand to see it destroyed by vandals because we are…

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  • XxXBK27XxX

    These episodes are in no particular order, and nothing is to be taken seriously. So please keep that in mind before commenting or else I’ll hit you with a frying pan. I mean it.

    A Line Like-these-ones indicates that multiple quotes are characters speaking to one another.

    Morituri Te Salutamus

    The greatest battle between Finn and Jake was just a plan by Finn.

    Jake sang one of the greatest songs ever. (I might even put him on par with Green Day…)

    Some neck-snapping action.


    Best quote/quotes.

     “It calls me fourth.” -

    “Meh, It's probably just puberty calling.”


    Jake had an epiphany.

    Finn wasn’t a loss-cause in this episode. (You know what I mean~)

    Finn got naked. (3rd base.)

    Finn got new underwear.

    Jake got clown nurses.

    T.V. Unlocked HMAR Scop…

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  • XxXBK27XxX

    Hey guys!

    June 13, 2013 by XxXBK27XxX

    Ya know what i hate? really really short blog post that have no very good reason to e-

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  • XxXBK27XxX

    How could you...

    May 25, 2013 by XxXBK27XxX

    Okay the ban with Tuck tore it. all the reasons he was banned is invaled, faulse and uttter CRAP. And its pretty obvious that most users agree. Hell even VKO agrees. and Vko's got a point. this wiki IS turning into a nazist ruled wikia. All true. Someone says something that puts your powers at stake, and you SHOOT them down.

    Well i am speaking as i wish now and i do NOT care if you block me. because the mods and admins DON'T SCARE ME. i dare you. bring me down. because the longer this goes on the more i will rant, protest and FIGHT for all users of this wiki. i don't care if this gets me permabanned. and like it would help.

    You ban me and Redzephyr01, everyone will just go up to your throat like a glass dome filling up with water.

    So go ahead…

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  • XxXBK27XxX

    Okay i think all this drama has been getting to all of us.... And i really think we should all just calm down before we explode... First off, this is for discussing what's on here ONLY!!! any menton of the new rules, Tavis, Sparda. Random promotions and more drama will not be tolerated. Now then lets begin.

    What we'll do is take a therory of Adventure Time and see if what it is, is possable. now i know someone might be saying "000 its jista cartoon anythings passable!". But lets TRY to avoid that phrase. TRY to AVOID it please. Now then lets start with one that had me bugging for months.

    Xx~Jake Jr's Birth Defect~xX

    Okay this one is an interesting topic. Someone said that they saw Lady and Peebles (?) the other day and they got a pirated vers…

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