I invited over Flame Princess on a date a few days ago. Jake had left to visit his kids with Lady so i thought Why not? So she came over and we ate. Played some games and junk.

We we're so happy together.

We started to talk about some stuff... What she likes, and what i like. Then, she started to talk about her dad... About how she refuses to talk to him... And some other junk i can't say since little peep's might be reading this... So she went of for about half an hour Then she said that she had a talk with him recently. She said something about Ending it. I had no idea what she meant by ending it... Before i could ask her, she asked me about my parents...

I told her that Jake's parents were mine and that i never knew my Real parents... How i was raised by Jake's... How they found me... And she gets the gist of it... And we talk about it for another hour or two. By now the sun had set across the mountains and her time to go home had come. Before she left we hugged each other. Her fiery skin gave me a pretty bad mark on my arm. I pulled away quickly and scanned the mark she had given me. It wasn't as bad this time and i didn't think too much of it...

But she did.

I looked back up to her and she... Looked so Sad. I asked her what was wrong and she walked back inside over to the ladder that led upstairs. She flew up and i followed her into the bathroom. She stared at the tub before reaching over and turning on the hot water. She then threw me in the tub harshly. I caught myself on the rim just an an inch above the water. I asked her what's her problem and... She leaned down over me. Her face an inch away from mine. Before i could ask her anything she Slammed her body down on mine. Hot water splashing everywhere.

She screamed in pain. A scream i haven't herd since i first met her. I grabbed her body and pushed upwards in a attempt to push her out of the tub. But she grabbed my face, and...

She kissed me.

I had no idea why she didn't explode. Or kill me for that matter. She just kissed me. over and over again till she pulled me in a long deep kiss. Then it hit me, Hard.

Is this what she meant by 'Ending it'? Was this the way she would kill herself? I tried to ask her but she didn't listen to me. By now the water had covered me up almost completely and i was starting to panic. For Flame Princess and Myself. The water had reached up to my neck now and Flame Princess was screaming in between the kiss. I tried to fight her off but she was holding on to my arms tight. My skin was now a dark red and i could have sworn i saw Blood. I still tried shoving Flame Princess off of me, But i didn't break off the kiss for some reason when i clearly should have when i had the chance.

when i had the chance.

The water was now pouring over the rim of the tub and I could barely see anything. Flame Princess had finally broke off the kiss and just stared at me. Her grip had now loosened on me and i could move more freely now. But i could tell something was really wrong.


Hey eyes... They didn't move or blink. and her glow was now gone. I didn't believe it at first. But when her arms floated upwards,

I knew.

I immediately tried pushing her off of me. But my arms we're too weak from the burns she had given me. All i could do was just sit there. Submerged in water with the love of my life on top of me. I knew i was gonna die if no one would find Us... Me, Sooner or later. It felt like years had passed. Struggling in that tub. Hoping not that i would live, But that Flame Princess was alive.


I could tell it was over now. My hat had slipped off my head and floated to the top. The burns began to sting more as the water grew hotter and hotter with every passing second. I tried thinking of anyway to signal Someone that could help. And the only thing i could think of to do was to scream.

But when you scream under water, You'll Choke.

I tried screaming out to anyone. The water rushed in my mouth into my stomach and Lungs. I felt like i would explode soon. I kept kicking my feet upwards at something.

But it was too late.

I could hear her screaming out something. 'Hate'... 'Hate'... 'Hate'... That was the last thing i herd before i had...


I could see it... Us. In that tub. With some weight junk our body's flowed on the floor. Her's lying on top of mine. I could see Jake walking in. Calling Bubblegum. Calling everyone... Everyone... And... I could see her... She's there... Right in front of me... Holding my hand... It doesn't hurt... Nothing hurts anymore... Nothing at all.......

I died with Flame Princess... And i'm happy about that...


(Don't ask about this. I'll do Jake later.)