Guys really. What the heck is going on here!? Everyones been losing their minds and the problems have just been getting worse!!! SRSLY! Its all going to hell!!

Constant shipping wars,

Complaints about giving so called 'random' users mod rights to chat,

The new rules putting everyones user pages at risk,


Tavis has BARELY said anything,

Complaints about the irrelavency about most blog post,

Users getting banned from chat. creating more POINTLESS blog post,

Troll's almost every week,

Srsly guys. these problems are just gonna get worse and worse. And we continue to watch this spread like a dissese. Whats next a riot on the wiki!? Could you IMAGINE if a group of unregestered AND regestered users went on some crazy ass riot? while no admin is on or inactive!? Destroying everything page by page and then when the admins FINALLY get on a majoraty of articles. user pages, talk pages and blog post are COMPLETELY DESTROYED...

What if that damage was SO FRICKING BAD we couldn't even repair? what would we all do if the wiki was just FILLED with so much damage it would take too long to repair it? Do we take what's still intact, delete the wiki and start all over again? Everthing we all, as a group, worked so hard on, gone?

The problems are just annoying users to the point of losing it... Laying down the law is necessary but you can't drop it on everyone like a brick.

We may think most of these problems are gone, say, the new rules but what happenes when may rolls around? and Tavis nor AHBNF has said anything? all our profiles destroyed and we didn't even get a fair chance...

And its already bad enough to lose what we all worked so hard on.. what else could this do? could it affect on how we communacate?

I've already lost a friend to these so-called RULES. and the thought of losing many of my fellow users to them.. is something i think none of you wants to think about...

But is there still hope?

Remember awhile back when some users made a blog post about making a wikia family? and how lots of users wanted to be in it? Maybe that's it. that might be what we need. To not think of users as friends or enemy's, But as a family. Maybe if we think of one another as a family, maybe we could make this wiki better for all. Maybe.

But first we RELLY got to deal with the current problems at hand. Mainly the blog post and the new rules. and we can't deal with this one bit at a time. but at once. Its like playing a guitar chord. your actually attempting to play all the strings at once. even though you're starting from the top or bottom you still try. You can't keep looking at the negative key on that keyboard as if it we're the current progress of the wiki. we really need to look to the left. at that plus key. and in a way. think like it too. think possitive for the better of the wiki. for everything we all came together and worked so hard on. we need to push on. and i know i will. i'll fight for this wiki. i won't give up on it. not until i open up this page and it says 'Wiki not found.' I reuse to let that message come into my feild of vision. and i don't think anyone else wants it to ether...