These episodes are in no particular order, and nothing is to be taken seriously. So please keep that in mind before commenting or else I’ll hit you with a frying pan. I mean it.

A Line Like-these-ones indicates that multiple quotes are characters speaking to one another.

Morituri Te Salutamus

The greatest battle between Finn and Jake was just a plan by Finn.

Jake sang one of the greatest songs ever. (I might even put him on par with Green Day…)

Some neck-snapping action.


Best quote/quotes.

 “It calls me fourth.” -

“Meh, It's probably just puberty calling.”


Jake had an epiphany.

Finn wasn’t a loss-cause in this episode. (You know what I mean~)

Finn got naked. (3rd base.)

Finn got new underwear.

Jake got clown nurses.

T.V. Unlocked HMAR Scope for UMP.45 on MW3.

Best quote/quotes.

“You mashed up my doggy bag really hard.”

“And everyone wants to get with the universe.”

Video Makers

Finn and Jake called off reserved seating.

I cannot find one SINGLE MOVIE that matches the Warning at the beginning of ‘Heat signature Three.’

Sharks and whatnot…

Finn and Jake are arguing.

Still can’t find a Warning.

Best quote/quotes.

“This is kinda’ awkward.”

“Check, Please.”

“Warning, Federal law provides severe and criminal penalties for the unauthorized exhibition of copyrighted motion picture.”

“You can just call me Shelby.”

Sky Witch

Bubbleline… Lots and lots of Bubbleline…

Gut Grinder

Awesome wee-wee action.

Finn swears to justice.

Jake smells poo.

Worm dance by Jake.

Jake is hot.

Finn will watch you while you sleep.


Old man who is not the gut grinder, but is in jail for free food.

That cute-as-FRICK mace.

Jake is easily manipulated.

Jake wants gold.

Horrible viola playing by Finn.

The spikey mayors wife dresses up like Jake because she is turned on by him.

Best quote/quotes.

“I am not, the gut grinder, Om, om-om-om om, om”

“That guy wee-wee’s weird.”

“I Ain’t cute. I’ll mess you up.”

“You remember your Viola!” -

“I also remember that you stink at playing it.

And dookie is radical man!

I don’t care what anyone says about it!”

Bad Little Boy


Next episode to be looked over soon.