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Yrroc April 14, 2012 User blog:Yrroc

Most of you know me from chat, because all I ever do is go on that. Let me give y'all an introductory of me. I'm 13,(lrigsihtnohsurcaevahi), I also like other things besides AT, like DB, P, RS, CL, and I love mooncakes and ocarinas :P I'm pretty much a weird guy on and off the Internet, Im like kinda socially awkward but not retarded. I would consider myself smart and strong, in fact, I usually daydream on stuff i like to call "beyond imagination". So...yeah. Oh yeah, and I like scatmam.he was a good scatman. Don't expect me editing any articles anytime soon, I usually leave that to the workers, whoever they are. After reading this blog post, I sound pretty stupid :P

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