Hello fellow Wikians!

After numerous rants discussions on chat about user rights, the majority of the users have come to a nearly unanimous consensus. So I am making this blog for user opinions, as a normal user. All I am doing here is voicing the ideas for the community.


Due to their lack of activity, the fact that other users deserve could potentially become admins or even bureaucrats, and the overflowing number of admins, there have been many discussions on this. As I stated, majority of the community agrees these bureaucrats should not have their rights:

  • Tavisource: Yes, he may be the founder of the wiki. But even founders can be demoted like any other bureaucrats (by Wikia Staff). He's just a bureaucrat with a fancy tag. He is very, very inactive and rarely even comes on here. Aside of that, whenever he isn't even on the actual wiki or the few times he is, he takes all control and makes numerous decisions either by himself or with just one of the bureaucrats. And as most of you probably know, he also makes promotions for chat moderator rights even though he is never on chat. This is the kind of control freakishness the wiki doesn't need in the admins, for this is not a monarchy yet.
  • Waddle D33: He is a very good editor and many maintenance edits, but as you can see here, his bureaucrat rights are very seldom used, and haven't been used since early February. Besides him never using the bureaucrat rights and him not being here much at all, my sources tell me that he was primarily promoted because he is someone Tavis knows in real life -- which, if this is true, it is a bias promotion.
  • SpardaTemp: The user most of us know and love. He is a very, very nice man and was a great admin in his time of activity, and yes, I completely understand he is unable to edit due to lack of internet, but many users agree that he has had bad times besides the fact he lacks activity (which has been for quite a while). There have been cases where he gets tempered or plain upset, comes on chat, and just starts cussing. And as goes vice versa. If someone he is very close with is breaking rules, he won't kick if he is in a good mood. He is not as fitted as he used to be. I understand his issues both in real life and not being able to be here much, but the rights really do not deserve to be there at this current state.
  • Flame Prince Finn: Lastly, FPF. He was re-promoted fairly recently, but even when he was promoted again, he wasn't very active. He isn't able to be here very often, and that is understandable. But we shouldn't have an admin that lacks activity. I don't have much to say about this other than the fact that the community thinks the rights are just sitting there.

For the reasoning above, I, along with majority of the users that have discussed this, believe these bureaucrats should not have their rights. Bureaucrats cannot demote other bureaucrats, but WIKIA STAFF CAN DEMOTE THE BUREAUCRATS. Here, just vote whether you agree or disagree with the proposal. If the voting passes, I will contact Wikia and the bureaucrats will be demoted.

Best regards! --City♥Lights45px-Wikia_Logo.svg.png

Tavisource: 16/17
Waddle D33: 17/17 (Unanimous)
SpardaTemp: 15/17
Flame Prince Finn: 11/17