As you can see here and here, the sockpuppetry on the wiki has gotten far out of hand and many of the bans and blocks occur due to sockpuppetting or "socking". We admins typically have methods to identifying this socks somehow, but there are cases where we can't quite justify it. And as you know, sockpuppets are also often used to troll and vandalize. This has become a serious problem and one of the few major problems on the wiki during a rather stable state.

The socking really needs to stop

Creating sockpuppets has no benefits and often just gets the user an IP block. As you know, a few particular users, Blugo34 and JECZKIE13 have been making an excessive amount of socks and everyone socking in eneral is getting far out of hand. Socking is pointless and only makes justification for blocking for us admins more difficult. Just note that you should be socking at all under any circumstances. This is a recurring problem and truly needs to be dealt with more legitimately, and this can easily become chaos when socks continue without being found.

This blog is mostly a notification, and just to warn users who are currently or planning on socking. Don't sock and you'll be fine. But without a Check User, these socks can easily unbalance the stability of the wiki.

Best regards! --Yuzura☆炎のマスタ 18:38, July 30, 2013 (UTC)