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    Today is my birthday, and to celebrate the fact that I'm now officially fifteen years younger than garlic balls, I wrote this blog about my favorite six episodes. It was going to be five, originally, but two of them tied.

    These aren't necessarily the best, they're just my six favorite as of this moment in time. I'm not really going to try to review them as much as try to share how they appear to an ancient old lady like me. These aren't really in any particular order. They're just there.

    Warning: This is hideously long. Hopefully, though, it will be interesting and/or amusing.

    Memories of Boom Boom Mountain: For a long time, this was my favorite episode. Why do I like it? Because it reveals that Finn has the most epic origin story ever. Imagi…

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  • Zabjade

    I've been thinking about season five and how it's been showing an uglier side of Finn. All the Little People and Frost & Fire are obvious examples of this, but after some thought, I realized that this has been steadily building since the very beginning. We're all used to Finn being a pretty good kid who tries to do the right thing, but all along, there have been little hints that he has some of the tendancies of a spoiled brat, tendancies that have gotten stronger as he's aged and not had to really deal with the consequences of his actions. 

    This shows all the way back in Slumber Party Panic, when Finn breaks a Royal Promise. Yes, he thought it didn't really apply anymore, so it wasn't a malicious action, but he still did something wrong. T…

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