Hey. First blog here.

I am a huge, and probably one of the remaining few, Fubblegum shipper and I dislike (but not hate) Flinn; however, I have my reasons for this and I am not one of those idiots who act "OMFG FINNXFP sucks". Also, I do not hate Flinn shippers as long as they are reasonable to argue with. If you are one of those who go "PB IS A SINISTER EVIL WITCH FLINN 5EVAH" (or something similar to that) and hate on PB for senseless reasons then I hate you.

These are the reasons why I believe that the FinnxFP is doomed, or at least deserves to be.

1. From the start, everything about Flame Princess indicates a doomed-in-the-end relationship.

Her evil bloodline, chaotic and dangerous burning tendencies, world-threatening elemental matrix, and FP hurting her partner everytime they touch, are all the unovercomeable obstacles that were given from her introduction that indicate their doomed relationship. She's not meant for the heroic and righteous Finn, right from the start, and I believe that the writers made it that way.

2. FP's character is all about burning stuff. Oh, and being the romantic partner with Finn.

What do we know about FP's character? She either burns stuff, or hangs out with Finn. Simply that. If she is meant to be a permanent love interest she would have more character interactions and development than she currently has. The writers don't seem that interested with improving her image; she's still the same burn-crazy girl that she was introduced.

3. The reason for Finn loving FP is the unacceptable "love at first sight" relationship. 

When Finn met Flame Princess, he already crushed on and like-liked her and already thinks she is his life, JUST because she was cute and innocent and helpless-looking. And he was ready to kill her a few moments before that. He also admitted to like-liking her and almost caused the death of a whole kingdom, even without knowing enough knowledge about her, except for the fact that she was cute, and the ignored fact that she's burning a whole kingdom to the ground. This isn't what a relationship is supposed to be.

4. There are a lot of moments that show where Finn's loyalty and love for FP is questionable, and that he might still have feelings for PB despite being with FP right now.

Reign of Gunters: Finn's future farming deal, where he considers the possibility of his relationship with FP not working out. And of course using the future farming deal on Peebles.

King Worm: Finn's first dream sequence was that he was PB's husband, with only angry feeding FP as second.

All The Little People: His decision on putting little PB between little Finn and FP, and his reactions regarding little Finn and PB kissing and PB and FP's catfight, pretty much shows what Finn still feels.

Puhoy: Finn almost thought it's over for a simple ununderstood joke. Just for that. Furthermore, in the dream/alternate universe, he acknowledge FP as his girlfriend, but then moments later he already forgot about her and already went with another girl.


That's it.

What I believe on why FP is introduced, is that she was meant to be a temporary romantic interest, and introduced to the show as Finn to explore further explore Finn's romantic side more, and in the end, teach him on learning to let go and move on.

Also, except for #4, this is more of an anti-Flinn argument blog, so it would be nice if the anti-Fubblegum arguments are minimal.