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How I Got Into Adventure Time

Zland June 25, 2013 User blog:Zland

Okay, for my inaugural blog post, I think I'm gonna go ahead and discuss on how I got into Adventure Time.

First off, let me say that I used to have the mindset where Adventure Time was stupid. But that was because it was a time in which I was stuck-up on television. Nowadays I just watch a show before I judge it (despite previews not being promising).

Anyways, it actually started this year, in April. My mother doesn't like Adventure Time, and one day out of curiosity I was watching the pilot episode online. I was comparing it to the Adventure Time series and how it had changed. When she spotted me watching it, she gave me a look in which she was rather displeased at first.

However, after that, I just got a sudden interest in Adventure Time. That same day, I began watching reruns of the show on Cartoon Network, along with the Monday night new episodes. The first episode I officially watched as this interest began was "What Was Missing", and the newest one I first saw was "Puhoy" (technically on a rerun, but "BMO Lost" was the first 'new' episode I watched).

Since then, I have been frequently reading articles here on the AT Wiki, and after a while I just decided to start contributing to the wiki myself.

And yes, even though I am male, my favorite character is Flame Princess. :3


 Fp transparent copy zland  22:44, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

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