Adventure Time Quiz- Stole from Adventurer101.~Answered~

  1. Did you go as adventure time character for halloween, if yes then what character? No :/ (But, i'm going as Fionna next year.)
  2. Best advenutre time song? Oh, Fionna.
  3. Fav character? Rainicorn and Fionna
  4. Fav episode? Episode 'Rainy Day Daydream', (23 episode, in season 1) I love it.
  5. Is the ice king crazy or awesome? CRAZY
  6. Does this quiz suck? No

Copy and Paste. Answer it yourself. Quote me (I am ~three-days-sleep-with-whitechapel~) and Adventurer101 in the heading, just like i did if u will.

Questions by me:

  1. If you want an Adventure Time prop or object out of the show, what would it be? Finn's Golden Sword of Battle
  2. Would it work how it works in the show if so, or not? No, just the looks. And able to 'play' with. Made out of plastic.
  3. Is it real right now like already produced, or no? Yes it is a real thing.
  4. If it's real, where can I find it? It's at Fye the store. One of the best stores EVER. Just like Toy Vault.
  5. What is your favorite nerd store? Fye and Toy Vault.