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Hi, I'm Fangirl111 but you can call me Ember. Since your the founder of this Wiki and an admin AND a bureaucrat, I'm assuming you probably know a lot about this show, can I ask you something? So, I don't really know this show, but I happened to watch an episode one day called "Remember You" and I liked the end of that one and the song, and then I found another episode called "Holly Jolly Secrets part 2" and it had this guy's story named Simon, and I really like the story of Simon, but now I'm confused. Why can't Simon be with Betty? What did he say? What did he do when he wore the crown to make Betty leave? Do we ever see her again? Why is Marcy mad at him? Why does he seem so lonely and out cast-ish from everyone else? Again, I don't know this show, so I have no idea if what I'm asking is really obvious or unknown. Also, I found this pic and it has Marcy in it, but, in the right corner, there's a pic and Simons in it holding the crown! How did he get there? Or is it just photoshop? But then there's another pic without him in it! Also, I was reading a bit of the Wiki and I think when the big war (I think?) happened it was around this timeline and the song Simon was singing was from his childhood. I mean, in this pic on the wiki I found on Betty's page, it looks like they were talking back and forth and one of the notes is "Hey princess did you get my text?" So that means they must of had phones. Also I saw a page that said there's an episode about Betty! Is it true? Also I read this thing online that Marcy's dad said Gunter was the most evil creature he had ever met, and Simon called Marcy Gunter in an episode AND in Holly Jolly Secrets when Fin and Jake got a paper from BMO (?) it had a picture of Gunter and each word started with M, Marceline's name starts with an M!! Does that mean something or is it just a coincidence? (plus I think she has a diary and on it says "Gunter") I'm sorry if I'm asking really obvious questions but I'm so confused!! Can you please answer and help me out a little? Thank you.
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Fangirl111Added by Fangirl111
S4e25 Simon before the war

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