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Stakes Vampires
Name Vampires
Ruler Marceline
Vampire King (formerly)
Known characters Marceline
Marshall Lee (fictional)
Vampire King
Keila (comic only)
The Fool
The Empress
The Hierophant
The Moon
Introduced in "Evicted!"
Latest appearance "The Dark Cloud"

Vampires are a little-known species in Adventure Time. Their self-proclaimed queen is Marceline. As a result, all known vampire-related information is currently based purely on her. Pendleton Ward stated that there was also a Vampire King that was killed by Marceline.[1] They are all undead and are known for craving the color red. It is unknown if the vampires had a kingdom. Marceline has demonstrated numerous powers, including levitation, pyrokinesis, telekinesis, invisibility, and necromancy, as well as the ability to shape shift into numerous monstrous forms, including a bat, a wolf, a reptilian creature, or a tentacled monster. Some of these powers, including levitation, invisibility, shapeshifting, rapid regeneration and telekinesis, seem to be the unique powers of specific vampires, which were absorbed by Marceline after she slew them. Also, unlike traditional vampires, they are capable of sustaining themselves on "shades of red," such as the color in strawberries, and are not limited to surviving on blood. Vampires are far stronger than a normal person and have an evolved sense of smell. They also possess marvelous fighting skills. So far, they have been shown to be vulnerable to sunlight, garlic (possibly), and stakes, which are classic vampire weaknesses. Marceline states "Vampires can't beat Ghosts; it's like a rock-paper-scissors thing," in "Heat Signature."


The following powers have been demonstrated by vampires:

  • Agelessness - Vampires do not age, and are immortal unless slain.
  • Levitation - Originally possessed by The Fool and absorbed by Marceline before she became a vampire.
  • Invisibility - Originally possessed by The Empress and absorbed by Marceline before she became a vampire.
  • Hypnotic Eyes - This power appears to be exclusive to The Empress. It does not appear to have been absorbed by Marceline.
  • Shape-shifting - Originally possessed by The Hierophant and absorbed by Marceline before she became a vampire. The Moon also demonstrates shapeshifting powers to a lesser degree.
  • Regeneration - Originally possessed by The Moon and absorbed by Marceline before she became a vampire, although not as rapid as the Moon's as she is still vulnerable to sunlight while the Moon is invulnerable to it.
  • Telekinesis - Originally possessed by the Vampire King and absorbed by Marceline while she was becoming a vampire.
  • Vampire conversion - The Vampire King can transform people and animals into vampires with his bite. It is not known if this is a universal vampire trait. Princess Bubblegum did not become a vampire when Marceline bit her in Red Starved, however it's possible that candy people might be immune to vampirism, or that conversion might be something a vampire needs to do on purpose and not an automatic consequence of the bite.
  • Necromancy - So far, this power has only been demonstrated by Marceline. It is not known if this is a vampire power.
  • Hydrokinesis - So far, this power appears to be exclusive to The Vampire King. It is unknown if Marceline acquired this power as well.
  • Pyrokinesis - So far, this power has only been demonstrated by Marceline. It is not known if this is a vampire power.


Vampires are burned by sunlight and garlic, and a stake through the heart will reduce them to dust. Additionally, The Hierophant has many of the "old school" vampire weaknesses, including the inability to enter houses unless invited in.


As mentioned by the Empress, the vampire hierarchy system revolves around a hive that consists of lesser vampires referred to as "minions," under the command of a master vampire, such as the Empress herself and other members of the Vampire King's court. All the vampires are ruled by the Vampire King until he and most of not all his kind are wiped out by Marceline, who herself was bitten by the king and as the result she herself became the last surviving vampire, claiming the title of "Vampire Queen".

Additionally, The Hierophant was an "old school" vampire, constrained by "old timey" vampire rules, including the inability to enter a house uninvited. When he was knocked over and fell into a house uninvited, it reduced him to dust and bones.In "Heat Signature" it is mentioned that vampires cannot beat ghost.

Notable Vampires


  • Marceline is truly the queen of vampires, because she appeared at the meeting of Ooo Royalty in "The Duke."
  • Marceline's father was stated by Adam Muto to be more of a demonic creature, which leads many to consider him not a vampire.[2]
  • Marceline has bite marks on her neck in her current state, but they were not visible on her neck as a child ("Memory of a Memory") nor on the neck of Farmworld Marceline, who is visibly older. This implies she was bitten by a vampire at some point after splitting with Simon Petrikov, but this did not occur in the Farmworld reality, and that her half-demon blood, while it does slow her aging (she lived at least 1003 years), having vampire powers greatly slowed her aging even more so.
  • With the exception of Marceline and the Vampire King, all currently known vampires seem to be named after the Major Arcana cards of a tarot deck.
  • Until Marceline's loss of her vampire self revived the vampires she killed, Marceline appeared to be the last vampire, having killed the rest.
  • Since most known vampires are named after traditional tarot cards one can conclude that there where more vampires in the King's court such as the sun or the star.




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