This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Varmints" from season 7, which aired on November 3, 2015.

This transcript is incomplete.


[It is nighttime in the Candy Kingdom. Marceline is flying to Princess Bubblegum's castle.]
Marceline: [humming a tune]
[She lands in the window of Princess Bubblegum's bedroom and knocks.]
Marceline: Knock, knock. Yo, Peebs, you want to make a midnight Squeez-E-Mart run? I'm gonna drink the red from out the customers' bloodshot eyes. [chuckles] Psych. I'll probably just get a slushie.
[no response]
Marceline: Bubblegum? Bonnibel! [touches sleeping figure]
[The figure rolls over, revealing that it is the King of Ooo.]
King of Ooo: Wha—?
Marceline: [screams]
King of Ooo: [screams]
Marceline: [screams]
King of Ooo: [screaming morphs into singing]
Marceline: Ugh! What are you doing here?!
King of Ooo: [stands up] Be not afraid, child. It is I, the one true princess of Ooo!
Marceline: Where's Bubblegum?! [swipes claw, slashing pillow open]
King of Ooo: [chuckles] Whoa! Relax! [jumping on bed] Bubblegum is fine, just fine... and deposed! And powerless! So crushed by defeat was she that the tyrant exiled herself to a sad cabin on the shores of Lake Butterscotch—technically still Candy Kingdom territory. But in my mercy, I've allowed her to remain.
Marceline: You're the princess?! Since when?
King of Ooo: Well, by the reckoning of my new Torontian calendar, Ooo's official calendar, uh, two glorious months.
Marceline: Two months? But—then why didn't she t—[growls] Bubblegum! [flies out the window]
King of Ooo: Tell Bubblegum I wear her nightgown! Tell everyone!