This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Walnuts & Rain" from season 6, which aired on March 5, 2015.

Huge Kingdom
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[Finn and Jake are walking through a forest at night.]
Finn: And when that salsa cloud had you by the tail...?
Jake: Ha ha, yeah. And I swung him around into that golden cactus?
Finn: [laughs] Man, that was algebraic.
Jake: Yeah, man, that adventure was tight.
Finn: Yeah.
Jake: I can't wait to get back home, though.
Finn: Yeah, me, too!
Jake: I need some sleep—
Finn: I'm gonna play some Battle Wars with Neptr on BMO for an hour, then work on that flier for PB's laser recital and catch up on my correspondence with my pen pal Danny Gladiolas from over in Maryville.
Jake: [nods] Great minds. [points to head]
Finn: And then next what I'm gonna do is I'm— whoop! [disappears down a hole]
Jake: Finn? [runs] Finn! [hits head on branch] Ohh! [groans, stumbles backwards, and falls into another hole] Oh...
[Finn wakes up to the sound of marching. He opens his eyes to see a line of food people carrying empty trays.]
Finn: What the...?
[Several food people are seen carrying food, preparing food, and tending to a wind-up clock.]
Finn: Man, where's this supposed to be?
[A Huge King is being fed by the tiny food people.]
Finn: Uh, excuse me? Sir?
Huge King: Hmm? Oh! You're awake! Oh, that's wonderful!
Finn: Oh, thanks. Hey, where am I, anyway?
Huge King: Why, this is the famed Kingdom of Huge, of course. Heh. You fell through that crack in my ceiling and landed in a normal-sized pie.
Finn: Mm-hmm. Well, my friend up top is probs pretty worried about me, so I'd best get going. Can you give me a boost back up to that crack or whatever?
Huge King: Oh-ho-ho! No, no, no. Don't be silly, child. Your friend must be on his way to find you right now. You should wait for him here, or you could miss each other.
Finn: Hmm. I guess that does make sense.
Huge King: Of course! Besides, you're just in time to witness the chiming of my wondrous clock! It's set to do its chiming in merely an hour's time!
[The clock bears the inscription "In toil we krimber."]
Finn: [to himself] "Krimber"?
Huge King: Come! Food boys! Shower our guest with the kindnesses of Huge! We will await the clock's chiming in style and comfort.
[A food boy presents a cake to Finn.]
Huge King: Dig in, child! There's always more to come!
Finn: Mmm. Oh! Apple scruffs!
Huge King: Just wait till you see my clock!
[Jake wakes up to a bear with a candle on his head and bells strung around him whistling and playing cards (Freecell) with himself on a platform suspended by what appear to be parachutes. Close-up on a glass jar of water with a metal ladle in it, followed by the bear's card game with a green book titled "Dividing The Day" next to it.]
Bear: Ahh, good, you're awake. [gets up and walks toward Jake] Good good good good good. How you feelin'?
Jake: Ohh... [rubs head] my cabbage aches a little... What happened?
Bear: [Sits down] Well, here I was, playin' some Freecell, and then, wow! You fell down the hole. Bounced off parachute #2, an' landed on three ol' walnuts.
Jake: Parachute? Hole? Walnuts? Fell down, wait! [gets up] You mean we're fallin' right now? [stretches up and to the left] Thanks for your help, buddy, but I gotta go.
Bear: [Grabs onto Jake as his feet leave the platform] Woah, hold up! [Jake's reached the wall with Bear holding on] What's your hurry?
Jake: My friend's still up top. He could be lookin' for me. Or, he could be in trouble and every second I'm down here I'm fallin' further away. I gotta get back.
Bear: Uhhh, I think that's a pretty bad idea. You were unconscious while you were fallin', remember? So you mighta been fallin' for weeks, or even, months. [Platform falls further away] Trust me, it's possible. This is a very deep hole. If you try to climb out, you could run out of food.
Jake: But, I gotta do somethin'!
Bear: I feel like you should prob'ly not starve to death, so that when your friend comes lookin', you're still alive.
Jake: Mmm. You know I think you're right! [stretches down to the platform] Finn is a pretty heroic kid, I gotta admit. He'll pro'ly be here in half a gif.
Bear: Oh, good. Well 'til then, please, make yourself at home. Here, [lifts candle hat and takes out walnut from underneath] have a walnut.
Jake: [Takes walnut] Thanks, man. I'm Jake, by the way.
Seven: Hi, Jake. I'm seven-seven-one-eight. Strange name, I know, but I'm pretty sure. See, I carved it in the floor when I first got down here so I wouldn't forget. ["7718" inscription is just "BILL" upside-down.] But you can call me Seven for short.