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Walrus #5 is a walrus that appears alongside walrus #1 during a walrus race in the Adventure Time episode "Orgalorg." It is seen racing in a pit in the Ice Kingdom during a party.

The penguins and Lumpy Space Princess were seen betting on the walruses during the race. LSP bet for Walrus #5. When noticing Walrus #5 slow down during the race, LSP gets frustrated and hits the walrus which infuriates it and results in it trying to eat LSP. Gunter comes to the rescue, however this turns around and Gunter ends up in between it's teeth. After getting surrounded by more penguins, Walrus #5 throws Gunter out of it's mouth and the penguin gets his head split open after knocking an ice spike. This releases a green other worldly brain out of Gunter's head.


Walrus #5 has the appearance of a normal brown walrus. It wore a fat green ribbon around it's body during the races.


Walrus #5 is seen to act aggressive when aggravated and also tried to eat Lumpy Space Princess and Gunter during the walrus race.


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