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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "What Was Missing" from season 3, which aired on September 26, 2011.

This transcript is complete.


[The episode starts out in the Tree Fort. Finn is squatting by a couch, looking around himself.]
Finn: Jake? BMO?
[He lifts a couch cushion and reveals a wad of gum stuck to the bottom of it; he pulls it off and starts to cuddle with it on the couch; Jake and BMO sneak out from behind the couch.]
Jake: Hey, man, what you doing?!
Finn: [Startled] Dude!
Jake: Don't worry, bro. We won't tell anyone about the private time you spend with your wad of Princess Bubblegum's hair.
Finn: [Blushing] You guys knew?
Jake: Finn, we're roommates. Which is why I'm gonna share my beloved keepsake with you.
[He goes and lifts up a floorboard and pulls out a blanket.]
Jake: Babadadaa! My old baby blanket.
[Suddenly a door unfolds in the side of the room and a Door Lord pops outs.]
Door Lord: Hmmm! Hmmhmmhmmhmm!
Finn: Who are you?
Door Lord: Hmm hmm hmm hmm!
[The Door Lord knocks over Jake and takes his baby blanket; Finn puts up his fists.]
Door Lord: Hmmhmmhmm.
[Door Lord takes Finn's wad of Princess Bubblegum's hair and BMO's controller.]
BMO: Noooo!
[Door Lord throws a key and another door unfolds, which he jumps through]
Door Lord: Hmmhmm!
Finn: Come on!
[They jump through the door]
[A candy child is playing with a toy train when the Door Lord pops in and steals it, with Finn and company in hot pursuit.]
Finn: I'll get your kid back, toy!
Door Lord: Hmmhmmph!
[Door Lord throws a key high in the air; it unfolds a door in midair and he jumps through it.]
Jake: That guy must do crazy squats.
[Finn and company enter through the door, and Princess Bubblegum is chasing the Door Lord through her castle when he opens another door and escapes.]
Princess Bubblegum: Get back here, you thieving Door Lord! You butt!
Finn: Come on, Bubblegum!
Princess Bubblegum: Finn?
[They enter Marceline's kitchen where sound of a conflict from her living room is heard; Marceline is fighting the Door Lord with her Ax bass then he opens another door and sunshine comes through it.]
[Marceline hisses and falls on the ground]
[Door Lord jumps through the door]
Finn: Marceline! Are you okay?!
Marceline: Yeah.
Finn: Don't worry. We'll get him.
[They go through the door and end up in Red Rock Pass; they chase the Door Lord until he pulls out another key and opens a giant gateway that closes before the group can enter it]
Finn: No! [Sighs] What? [Letters start to light up around the gate's frame] "This door shall yield to no command save for a song from a genuine band." What is this gripagrap?![citation needed]
Princess Bubblegum: It's the door of the Door Lord, Finn. We used to lock them up, but they kept breaking out. 'Cause they're Door Lords.
Marceline: [Wearing a sunhat and gloves] They broke out because you let them live.
Princess Bubblegum: [Angered grunt]
Finn: Hmm? The door said it will open for genuine band. Let's try and music this door open as a quintet.
Jake: Can I be the jerk it the band? 'Cause that's an important part of a band's success. [Shrinks face] Hmph.
Marceline: I know how to get through this door. We're gonna lay down a chill jam.
Finn: Hey. Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Marceline: Just keep it cool. Got that princess?
Princess Bubblegum: Hmph. [Grabs BMO]
BMO: Ohh! [Princess Bubblegum pulls off its face] Oh, my face!
[Princess Bubblegum starts to play with BMO like an instrument, BMO laughs]
Jake: Let's see if you hacks can keep up with my raw talent!
[Jake begins to play his viola and Finn begins to beatbox]
[The song I'm Just Your Problem begins]
[The door glows brightly as it comes close to opening]
Finn: It's working! Look at the door!
[The song ends as Marceline loses her focus]
Marceline: ...To bury you in the ground... and drink the blood from your... Ugh!
[Door stops glowing]
Marceline: [At Princess Bubblegum] Stop staring at me! Ugh, you threw me off!
Finn: Come on, everybody! Don't stop now. The door was responding to our music! I wonder what it liked or what was missing.
Jake: Well, I know what's missing. Talent. I'm getting out of here, you hacks! Talentless hacks! [Leaves]
Marceline: Yikes.
Finn: [Takes off his backpack] Maybe to be a genuine band we need to be nicer to each other and hang out as buds. [Pulls out a noodle cake] Let's take a noodle break. Come on, it will help!
[Marceline flies off]
Finn: No! Wait, don't go, too!
Marceline: I'm just gonna get stuff to cook that.
[Finn has already taken a bite of the noodle cake and puts his backpack back on]
Finn: Cook?
[Marceline flies back into the door from her house]
Princess Bubblegum: That was sweet what you said about being buds.
Finn: Mm-hmm. Thanks.
Marceline: [Returning with a hot plate] I'm back yo! Come here, baby. [BMO comes and Marceline sticks hot plate plug into BMO]
BMO: Oh.
[The sun goes down, Marceline takes off her sunhat and gloves, Finn sings A Song About Noodles and they laugh]
Princess Bubblegum: For our next attempt, I wanna be the lead.
Finn: Yeah! Sounds cool, my bud.
[Jake comes back dressed like a punk rocker]
Jake: Hmph!
Finn: Jake, you're back!
Jake: Shut yo' face. I came back for the music.
Princess Bubblegum: BMO, execute Sound Structure Alpha. [BMO begins to play a song] Marceline, begin playing triplet quavers in mixolydian mode.
Marceline: Alright, fine. [Begins to play her Ax bass] Wait, what's a quaver?
Princess Bubblegum: Now, Finn, vibrate your uvula by dampening and undampening your larynx.
Finn: Wha?
Princes Bubblegum: [Rubbing her neck, vibrating her voice] Go like this, silly.
Finn: Oh. [Does it] Whaaaa...
Princess Bubblegum: Okay, okay. Jake, are you gonna join in?
[Jake smashes his viola, Marceline looks agitated]
Princess Bubblegum: Everyone, just stick to my blueprints. [Gasps] [BMO catches fire]
BMO: Oohh...
Finn: [Sighs] One more time?
Princess Bubblegum: I may have, um... miscalculated.
Marceline: Ha! Looks like you aren't as perfect as you thought. Guess you can't judge me anymore.
Princess Bubblegum: I never said you had to be perfect!
Finn: Alright, time out, guys.
[Marceline spits on Princess Bubblegum causing her to recoil in shock and leave, with BMO following]
Finn: Princess! Princess, wait!
Marceline: [Hisses] Whatever, [Eyes start to water] Ugh! I'm outta here, too! [Leaves]
Finn: Marceline?
Jake: [Cries] You've all forgotten 'bout the music! I quit the band! [Runs away backwards] I'm just pretending!
Finn: Jake! Everybody! We can beat the Door Lord! ...Together.
[Finn sings "My Best Friends in the World", reunites the band, and opens the door of the Door Lord. Inside the Door Lord is eating a sandwich.]
Door Lord: [Spits out sandwich] Hmm? Hmmhmmhmm!
Finn: It's over, Door Lord.
Jake: So hand over our stuff.
Door Lord: Hmmhmmhmmhmm. Hmmhmmhmm hmmhmmhmmhmm hmmhmm hmmhmmhmmhmm. Hmm!
Finn: What's he trying to say?
Marceline: I totally get it. He may have stolen our treasures...
Princess Bubblegum: ...But by doing so, he showed us...
Jake: ...That the real treasure is friendship.
Door Lord: [Happy] Mmmhmmhmm! Mmmhmm hmmhmmhmm.
[The scene changes, the Door Lord has been beaten up and tied up]
Door Lord: Hmm...
Jake: Okay, here's that lock of Bubblegum's hair you love so much.
Princess Bubblegum: Oh, you.
Finn: [Sighs] Ah, yeesh.
Jake: And here's Jakey's blankey. [Puts it on his face] Here's your controller, BMO.
BMO: [Happily twirls it] Yippie ki-yi-yay!
Jake: Marceline, here's your rock shirt.
Marceline: Hey, that's not...
Princess Bubblegum: [Rushes towards it] It's mine! That's mine.
Marceline: You... kept the shirt I gave you?
Princess Bubblegum: Yeah. It, uh, means a lot to me.
Marceline: But you never wore it.
Princess Bubblegum: [Puts it on] Dude, I wear it all the time... as pajamas.
Finn: Wait, if that's Bubblegum's shirt, what are you missing, Marceline?
[Marceline is dead silent]
Finn: Wait a second, wait a second! You don't have a thing! You just wanted to hang out with us!
Marceline: No, I didn't!
Finn: No way, you're caught! I figured you out! [Laughs]
[Marceline turns into a monster]
Marceline: [Playfully] I'll kill you!
[The episode ends with Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum running away pursued by Marceline all laughing.]

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