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Whipple the Happy Dragon is a minor character that makes his debut in Islands Part 2, where he was discovered running from pirates. After fighting off the pirates, he quickly befriends Finn and Jake. Once they are acquainted with eachother, it is revealed to the crew that Whipple is very irritating, and BMO tells Whipple this after being forced to listen to his ideas, resulting in Whipple destroying Princess Bubblegum's boat. Whipple would eventually return, giving the heroes a lift straight to the Islands.


Whipple features the similar elongated serpent-like body style found with other dragons, but a notable difference would be that Whipple is clearly suited for marine life. He is green, with his flippers being a darker shade of green. When summoning a vortex, Whipple's skin turns to a greenish-black, and his eyes become light-gray.


Whipple is extremely friendly, that is when he is not offended, and apologizes for inconveniencing Finn and Jake when he was about to be harmed. He is very sensitive, over-reacting both in excitement when shown kindness, and fury when someone has hurt his feelings. Despite this, Whipple does show to express sympathy and pity, evident from Whipple warning Finn and Jake about the dangers that lurk ahead, so he sends them off through them, feeling sorry for wrecking their boat.





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