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The Wildberry Kingdom is the kingdom where Wildberry Princess rules and lives, and has been confirmed to be in a giant bush.[1] Part of it appeared in the Season 3 episode, "Jake vs. Me-Mow," and it makes a cameo appearance in "Princess Monster Wife." It looks like a bush in the shape of a giant tree, although it is completely covered in leaves and appears to have a tree trunk composed of a group of thick vines. The entire surrounding area is also filled with flat greenery or thick bushes, which grow a variety of small colorful berries and flowers. It can be assumed that this kingdom has a similar layout to the Candy Kingdom, with the giant bush being Wildberry Princess' home and the center of the kingdom, and the surrounding area being the rest of the kingdom, containing the homes of its other inhabitants.

As of "Furniture and Meat", the kingdom has gone through a major renovation change and is now a city kindgom with separate houses and streets.


  • Inside of the tree, one could see all the meat being stored inside. This hints that some inhabitants of the Wildberry Kingdom are carnivores to protect their fellow citizens. This is further confirmed when Wildberry Princess' guard slips on a pile of meat they thought might be her body splattered  on the ground, and emotionally claims they were greatly relieved when they realized it wasn't her berry juice they tasted; it was only blood from the meat.
  • There is no clear way to get to the top of the bush in the overview of the kingdom, as the Wildberry Kingdom is located at the bottom of a deep valley.