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The Wizard Students first appear in the episode "Wizard" They train to become master magicians under Bufo. They are mostly low-ranking wizards, with few stars on their Wizard robes. Some students later appear fighting in "Wizard Battle" for a kiss from Princess Bubblegum. One also appears as a Little Person in "All the Little People" and they make a cameo in "Wizards Only, Fools".


The students are all similar-looking humanoids that wear the same wizard robes. One student in particular has a PHIL FACE, and another is drawn to look like Adam Muto in "Wizard Battle". One also appears to be a humanoid cat.


  • Among the Wizards shown, they are seen performing the following activities as part of their magical training: Manipulating objects, levitating, teleporting, using astral projection, lion taming and riding, and magical patty-cake.
  • Wizard Student 6 is Adam Muto.[1]



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