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The Woobeewoo villagers (also called mudscamps) are a species who appear in "The Hard Easy." Finn and Jake help them deal with Prince Huge. They look like fish with two legs, and they produce stink oil out of their awful-sauce glands. Woobeewoo is the only mudscamp who is named.

They live in and on small round huts in a swamp. Their village does not have an official name, but Woobeewoo calls it "South Woobeewoo." They are lead by the Woobeewoo Elder who wears a bell on his head as his token of office and always has two advisers under foot who have been known to correct his grammar. They fear having to move to the city to get jobs as their people don't know how to be cool.

They were later mentioned by Jake in "Jake The Brick."


  • The name mudscamps is similar to mudskippers, which are actual fish.


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