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Wormo first appears in "Apple Thief." He is the dim-witted guard of Jaybird's criminal gang. Finn, Jake, and Tree Trunks trick him into letting them into Jaybird's hideout. Later, Dr. J's gang gets into the hideout, and the gangs end up fighting each other.

In "Bad Little Boy," a gender-swapped version of Wormo is seen dancing with Muscle Prince at Lumpy Space Prince's party in the woods. She watches Fionna and Marshall Lee perform their song with all the other gender-swapped characters at the party.


He is a long gummy-worm with yellow, green, pink, and blue stripes. He normally holds his head upside-down.


Who's... da heck... happening... what?

My boss is gonna be real psyched I found someone to buy his apples.

Oh, ya didn't mean diamonds? All ne'er-do-wells call diamonds "apples." Like callin' money "bread" or rock-knockers "butter-slaps."


Official art



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