"Yeah, Girl, It Stinks"[1] (alternate name: "I Don't Care") is a guitar solo that Marceline plays in the episode "Astral Plane" as Finn drifts into space in his Astral form. She sings it while floating above the clouds. The song deals with Marceline's apathy and leads Finn to think she is a loner.


What can I do?
Time will unbind our memory glue
And I'll be as nobody-ish as all of you
So don't care about a thing now
Like a trash bag when it's windy out
Like a butt that has a face
Dutch boxing up the palace
Yeah, girl, it stinks


The guitar chords to this song are as follows:

C7 Fma7 x6

Eb Gm Eb Gm
Dm7 Cma7 x2
Fma7 Em7 Dm7 E7/b9

C7 Fma7 x6[1]


  • The original lyrics in the seventh line were "Hot boxing up the palace", but this was changed to avoid a possible drug reference.[1]

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