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Zack Shada (born November 25, 1992 in Boise, Idaho) is an American teen actor who voiced Pen in the original Adventure Time animated short.

Shada appeared as Thin Boy in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003), and as Nick Davis in the 2005 television movies Jane Doe: Vanishing Act, Jane Doe: Now You Seed It, Now You Don't, Jane Doe: Till Death Do Us Part, and Jane Doe: The Wrong Face. He has appeared in two episodes of Lost, and he voiced Slightly in Tinker Bell and Comet in Space Chimps.


  • His brothers are actors Josh Shada and Jeremy Shada (voice of Finn). He is a member of the band JACZ with brother Josh Shada.
  • Zack indicated his interest in voicing the character Marshall Lee for the next gender-bent episode, but the Voice Director and Pendleton Ward had already chosen Donald Glover for the role. Notwithstanding, the creators have mentioned that they would like to bring the elder Shada back to the show for a future episode.[1]


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